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Anyone using 52framework?

Grand Master

I'm looking around at various site programming frameworks, and one that sounds very intriguing is called "52framework". It is apparently a collection of CSS and Javascript to make it easy to use HTML5 and CSS3 features cross-browser, with graceful degradation on older browsers (even IE6). Sounds good, but the site ( is messily organized, the documentation is poorly done, and I don't see any sign of a user community. Is anyone here using this framework, and have any advice as to whether it lives up to the hype? 

Are there other cross-browser HTML5/CSS3 frameworks that anyone would recommend? 52framework seems to be built on a 16 column 960px grid system. I need to have fluid and semi-fluid layouts (e.g., window 96% of screen width and minimum 600px wide, left column fixed 200px, right column whatever remains) and robust column balancing. I'm playing around with my own Javascript to do this kind of thing, but before I reinvent the wheel..






Grand Master

Severval  CSS / Javascript "Boilerplate" systems exist and one called Skeleton may be worth a look for you. UK Jobs Scanner