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BT 2700 HGV Router - MS SBS 2008 router configuration


Researching the forum for answers to my questions I have been unable to find solutions that work.




BT2700HGV router connecting to MS SBS 2008 server. I need to open ports 25, Company web 80(http), Web applications 443(https), 987(https), Windows Server Update Server 8530 (http), 8531(https)?


The server needs to run DHCP? (DHCP not managed by router)


Instructions to open ports (Firewall - Allow Applications, Pinholes and DMZ Mode - Add a new user-defiend applaication) are confusing. Setting up specific application for port opening SharePoint 80(http) 987(https).


Turn off router DHCP and server cannont find the router i.e. no clear method (instruction) to set static internal IP address for the server to find the router.   


Grand Guru

Hi there,


Set up tcp/ip on the servers WAN for IP and default gateway of


Access web configurator via and navigate to settings > LAN > private network and untick the DHCP tick box.  When you save it you should still be able to see the configurator since you assigned the IP's manually.


Opening ports requires you to select the server from the device list in settings > firewall > Allow Applications, Pinholes and DMZ Mode.  You can, at this stage, select the applications to add from the pre defined list or you can click on 'new user defined application' and create your own one, with your own ports.


Once it's created don't forget to add it as an allowed application as well then click save at the bottom of this page to confirm it all.


If you filter this list by clicking on 'servers' then you can select web server (80) and HTTPS Server (987)