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BT Business Smart Hub BT Guest Wireless Extension - TPLInk Wireless Access Point



I have enabled Guest Wifi on my BT Business Smart Hub. The issue I have is my BT Router is upstairs next to my FTTP presentation.  Guest Wifi is great upstairs in the building, but due to the age of the building I cant get the BT Wireless Guest signal downstairs due to thick walls and floors and the building is very old. I have run a CAT 6 Cable downstairs and have purchased a TPLink Router  TL-WA901ND. I converted the  TP Link Router to a Access Point, gave it a new IP Address and disabled DHCP. I have connected the Lan port on the TP Link using the CAT 6 Cable to one of the LAN ports on the BT Smart Hub. I created a Wireless Network and new SSID on the TP link and can quite happily access the Internet from the TP Link through the BT Smart Hub Router. What I want to do is also present the BT_Guest_wireless network out from the TP Link Access Point so Guests downstairs can access the BT_Guest_Wireless. Is this possible? This will then allow Guests to access the the BT_Guest_Network upstairs and downstairs