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BT Business broadband availability?


This may seem like a stupid question however, I am wondering do i have to have a registered business to purchase BT Business broadband. I ask this as I am moving into a new place soon and I host a small number of gaming servers. I would like a static IP and to purchase a domain name as DNS redirects are a hassle and obviously this service is not available to regular BT customers.



Grand Master

i don't belive you have to be but best check with the sale team when you go to Purchase the order,





Absolutely agree.  I have, in the last week, been given three different prices for disconnectng my service. I am getting married and moving - I had an 18 month contract for BB and Tel and have to pay to get out of it - not sure which of the 3 prices given by BT staff are correct (if any).  Then have now written to tell me they will not refund the line rental I paid up front fot the 18 months and that if I wish to keep my bt internet email address I will have to pay!!! Greed - all smacks of sharp practice and I am disgusted.  I will NEVER use bt again as long as I live and will actively encourage others to move away from this company who are ripping us off left, right and centre.