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BT Fibre/Infinity - Guide to using your own router

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I've successfully used my own router with BT Infinity for business and figured I'd post this to help anyone who might want to do the same.


The OpenReach VDSL modem that BT supply must be used and (at the moment) can not be replaced with an alternative.

However, the router that is connected to the modem can be.


Any 'cable' type router should work fine (i.e. the ones that are normally used with Virgin's Cable based connections).

In my case I'm using a Linksys/Cisco E3000.


All that needs to be done is firstly, before you're switched over from ADSL, you need to know your username & password.

The username is usually something like:

Obviously with all the x's as numbers.


Your password will be the one you selected when signing up.


Secondly, on the router you will be using, you need to set the connection type to PPPoE. Set the username value to the one above, and the password value to the password you selected.


That's it!



Currently there is only one manufacturer who makes an integrated VDSL modem/router, but this isn't easily available (or reasonably priced), plus BT won't support for those looking for an 'all in one' solution like you may have had for ADSL, you're out of luck for now.



I've just purchased a third party ASUS VDSL Modem/Router and can't seem to find the correct connection settings either.  If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it.


Thank you!


I'm keen to move away from the Home Hub 5 to an OpenWRT based unit, loads of reasons....


We currently have BT Infinity which arrives in the house over copper (FTTC).  If I invest in one of the white BT / Openreach Infinity modems which seem to present 2 x LAN connections - can I then use most standard wireless routers with it or is there still a specific set of capabilities my chosen router must have?  I've read somewhere about VDSL being needed on the router and then to use it in conjunction with one of the OpenReach infinity modems.


I guess an easier question might be - "Does anyone know of an OpenWRT based VDSL router which will work with BT Infinity?"  😉


Thanks in advance.





Hi all. Ok Hope this helps some of you 🙂


I had problems with Infinity HH5 and multiple packet drop outs. I could not get the app that accompanies my network streamer to work properly, my ipad and phone were slow and Internet connection dropped occasionally. When my ipad or phone launched a web page, it seemed to do it twice...VERY infuriating.


Ok there you have it. I spoke to netgear for advice on a Router that would replace the HH5 (BTW another problem is that it won't work with certain devices as you cannot fix the IP address with a HH5 unless you have a Business connection)....The Netgear Agent recommended a D6400 (around £150)..Looks great, simple to set up and does all of the following which is vital if you wish to replace Infinity with your own all-in-one router/modem:


  • Has VDSL capability
  • Allows automatic set-up using simply your btinternet email address that you first set-up when you joined.
  • No-body mentioned multi-cast - you need to have this facility to allow your BT internet channels to work. The D6400 has a simple checkbox to tick when you set this up..job done.
  • Dual band 2.4 and 5ghz.

Once out of the box all you do is plug all the cables and phone wires in exactly the same sockets..(even coloured the same on the D6400)..load up the free software (Genie) press set-up, Check the ISP dropdown box to say BT (yes ..really, it even recognises that you will use this as a HH5 replacement) check the multi-cast TV box, put in your bt email address and let it set itself up for 2 minutes..and you are done!


Hope this helps.


The only downside is that I only get 60mb wired instead of the 80mb I am supposed to get, however it is still faster that I got with the HH5 and feels twice as quick whist using my iPad and phone...more importantly, my network streamer works now 🙂


See link below for full spec 🙂






Power User


I bought a new Business Hub 5 from ebay about 3 months ago as I wanted gigabit connections.  From the beginning I experienced issues with poor wifi, dropped connections but for the past 2-3 weeks I get several dropped connections daily.


I have multiple static IPs which is easy to setup on the BT hardware but I couldn't set it up on my Asus router a while back and bought a hub 3 instead.  


Is it possible to set up with the Netgear D6400 or any other router?


Yes, you can use a Netgear D6400 or D7000


Im using the latter D7000, it is 802.11ac. Picks up the BT line automatically and you just put in your user/password...thats it really

Oh, and configure your wireless settings 



I have recently tried to install a Netgear D7000 using the Nergear Genie auto setup and it tells me my cable is disconnected. Netgear have tried and failed to help and so has BT. HELP

Grand Guru

Hi there,


Is it your network icon that says network cable uplugged?  need more info.




Netgear Genie tells me my cable between router and BT socket is disconnected. It is suggesting I havnt connected the cable to the wall socket. I then reconnect Homehub with the same cable and everything work fine. I havnt tried setup with my laptop connected directly to router as Netgear said it was fine to do it wirelessly.


I am starting to wonder if it is looking for a physical connection between my laptop and router to complete the connection?


Just re-checked the installation manual and it syas it can be set up via wifi or cable.