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BT have incorrectly instigated a disconnection




Following its failure yesterday morning we were advised by our provider O2 that BT has instigated a disconnection request on one of our landlines. On further investigation it appears that a tenant of our site had requested a new line from BT, without correct authorisation BT have approached O2 to disconnect our line and apply it to the tenant!


O2 cannot apparently restore the line without BTs permission which they have sought but the service level agreement is 48 hours. That is too long and meanwhile our business is suffering and incurring costs to mitigate the issue. I need urgent intervention please to address this matter and once resolved your thoughts with regard to the loss of business, operational and management time lost.


To give you context losing the phone line has stopped any clients contacting us for new or existing business reasons, it has prevented ongoing servicing of clients by the depot manager as we have lost internet access to our computer systems .