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Billed 4 an account that I have never had, at a premises I left 3 years ago, BT engaged debt agency!

I ran a business at xxxxx Farm for 35 years as a tenant, we retired on the 29th September 2017, closing all BT accounts and paying all dues. 
Late in September 2020 I had a call from the current occupier of the premises saying there was a letter from BT re an overdue account.  Note the premises had been sold twice from September 2017 until September 2020 and both occupants had set up BT accounts!
The account number WMxxxxxxxxx was not an account I recognised from my records so I rang BT billing on the 29th September 2020 to discuss.
I was informed that due to transfer of systems within BT there was a rare but known problem in that new accounts were activated for old customers, I was assured that this would be cancelled and the account deleted and I could be sure of no further contact. 
I specifically said I was concerned that BT might issue a debt collection notice and I did not want any bad marks on my credit rating- I have been in  business for 40 years and have never failed to pay a bill on time!
Today I have been informed by a close neighbour that he has received a letter partially addressed to me from Avantis (debt collection) who have been engaged BT's behalf to make pay the outstanding sum.
Apart from BT's incompetence it seems to me you have undertaken a number of actions that are potentially illegal;
1. You opened an account without my permission.
2. You have billed me for a service I have not received
3. You have given my details to a third party where you have no relationship with me as a customer breaking GDPR.
4. You have potentially impacted my credit rating through NO fault of my own.
Suggestions- Ihave emailed Avantis, and BT CEO so far