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Bt service - shocking


I have been a BT Business customer for 8 years since broadband came to our area, the past three years the service and speed of the  bb service is worse than atrocious.


2 years ago  was without service in office for 2.5 months more or less , last year 1 month and this year - for last 2 weeks or so the speed has been very slow to the extent I cannot send e mails and receive them periodically in  batch.


On Monday 17th I contated support and spent 2.5 hours on phone - even on my hands and knees taking face plate off my connection phone line,  asked t get an engineer to visit but took 2.5 hours and then he said it would be 21st before they could get anyone out, I said not good enough - this is an intenet based business i am running and can not have no service for 5 days - they would not put me through to someone most senior to escalte it , was promised a call back from manager but as always with bt - it  never came.


I am havng to wait in office for 5 hours Friday morning waitin on engineer who possibly cannot diagnose or fix the  fault and thi will then take it in to first week in january as before iin previous years.


2 years ago iit was  escaaleted to the very highest level and at one stage had 7 engineeer visits ad to be hoest was sick of my time bein wasted so accepted a lower level of speed t get back to work and get pcs working again on bb  and not dongles which i had to purchase and pay for but no refund for the costs !!!


This time I am changing from Bt to another provider in my office block who provide wireless service to me but no doubt bt will try and get monney from me as an old stablished customer, they can whistle as I am not getting service I am paying for - if anyone from BT reads this the job refernce number is 71189911854 and maybe someone will have courtesy to call me


Grand Guru

Hi George,


Sounds like a suggestion would be to take the appointment, the bad weather is bound to be a factor too though, there has been a lot of flooding across the UK and it's only going to get worse.


The only reason for disconnecting cables and plugging into the test port is to make sure none of your own internal devices are causing the issue, so when the engineer comes you won't be charged for the visit, it's for your own benefit really.  You can risk a charge and refuse to do any testing, they will still send the engineer for you.


Speak to an agent when it's fixed to see what they can offer you in terms of a goodwill gesture for your downtime.


Hope it goes well on firday for you!