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Business Broadband Routing - Private Address Space Visible


I have connected a system to my Business Hub 5 via an ethernet cable and manually allocated it one of my five static IP addresses (NOT via DHCP).


The system is manually configured to 81.XXX.XXX.145 with a gateway of 81.XXX.XXX.150 and a netmask of


DNS is manually set to


There are no other interfaces connected and no other routes configured on the system


As such it should connect to the Internet (which it can) and should have no knowledge of private address ranges (no there's the problem!).


Why then can I still access systems on my internal network.


The system should not know that this network exists, however, the Business Hub is quite happy to route traffic to them.


If the system became compromised on the Internet then all my internal systems would then be visible and at risk.


How to I stop the Business Hub 5 from routing to internal private address space?