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Call Rates To International Mobile Numbers




I'm trying to find standard BT business rates for national and international mobile numbers. I've tried obtaining the information from the BT price list, located here;

but it's impossible to find the information I require in there.

I've found standard BT business rates for local and national calls to fixed lines here;

and standard BT business rates for international calls to fixed lines here;

Is there a similar link for calls to mobile numbers both nationally and more important, internationally?




I've just found charge rates for national mobile numbers. So just need charge rates to international mobile numbers. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Did you or has anyone found where to locate a list of call rates from a BT line to International mobiles?????



Hi, Viewtiful,


With IDD mobile calls we are dependent upon the far end carrier plus it will vary depending upon the call plan you are on - however i have put a link below to the Price List entry for your information:


For Example if you are on BT Business One Plan: Service View


This is an extract for Mobile IDD

Table H: Prices for International Direct Dialled (IDD) Calls to Mobile Telephones for All Tiers


IDD calls to some mobile telephones and other special and higher rate services registered in foreign countries will be charged at 19.57p (ex VAT)/23.00p (inc VAT) per minute more than the equivalent pence per minute price shown in Table D above for an IDD call to a fixed telephone in that country. Full details of the destinations and number ranges to which this applies are shown at Section

2 Part 17


 Hope this is of help,


Kind regards




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