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Well where do I start?


I have never received such poor service and bad communication from any company like the utter shambles that BT have produced over the last few weeks. I would warn anyone looking to upgrade their business phone systems to go elsewhere!


I was told that by BT Local business that I could upgrade my phone system to include 5 x cloud voice users, unlimited calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles and 2 x Broadband Infinity Bundles. The price I was quoted was £162.98 per month and was told all of the equipment would be free of charge. I have had nothing but problems with this order starting from the first engineers visit who after waiting 3 hours for him to turn up I was told by him that he was given the incorrect details from BT and was unable to carry out the work. Then to add salt to the wound BT have then charged me £130 for missing this appointment which I obviously DID NOT miss!
Then after promising that our shop number would not be changed after the second engineer visit to our shop premises they changed the number. After numerous conversation with BT and BT Local business they managed to get our number back after 3 HOURS. Then to my shock when I received the bill for the last quarter which was over £2000, nothing like the £162.98 per month that I was quoted!!
I have had numerous conversation with different people at BT and have been passed from department to department and have got absolutely nowhere. This is taking hours of my time and is absolutely ridiculous all for something that I was told would actually save me money on my quarterly bill.

I hope that somebody at BT sees this that is able to contact me and sort this mess out but I wont be holding my breath.


If anybody has any advise it would be very much appreciated, I guess the next step is to contact the ombudsman?



BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi CRShield


Very sorry to hear you have had such a poor experience with this one - it doesn't sound like it's been in any way straight-forward or customer friendly, so I do apologise about that.


In terms of resolving this, I imagine you will have an open complaint with us regarding this one. With the complaint, you should have a specific advisor or a select team of advisors taking ownership of it. They should really be taking the reigns with this and managing the situartion until it is sorted to your satisfaction. They may have to contact other departments to resolve certain aspects of the complaint, for example our billing team would need to sort the issue with the charges, but the complaint handler should still be your main port of call.


What should happen is that they do most of the leg-work to help you get this sorted, and they should contact you when they have updates, rather than you having to chase it up. By the sounds of it, I am not sure if that's the way it has played out for you.


From my end, I can try to make sure with your existing complaint that the relevant parties are dealing with it - trying to streamline the process as much as possible. If you PM me the complaint reference if you have one, I can try to get some notes added to it in regards to this, and to give you an update as to what has been happening on our end.