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Copper Broadband reliability and "REIN"


We have had serious problems with the reliability of our Broadband line for the last 12 Months. Speeds all over the place and at times unusable!

We were finally refered to the "REIN" Team, Radio Electrical Interference Noice Team

I can hear you all now!! We, also were very sceptical!!

After being here about 2 hours and of going backwards and forwards around our offices and those of our near neighbours, the engineer finally informed us that the problem was being caused by a copy Chinese Imported Cheap AppleMac power supply that belonged to our MD. You can imagine our utter and total disbelief and amusement!!!

4 Weeks down the line and we have not had another problem at all. Everything is now stable and running perfectly!!


Moral of the story is, don't be a skinflint, buy original Apple products!!!

Many thanks to the BT REIN Engineer who identified the problem.


Grand Guru

Hi pbroadbent,


Thank you for posting up on our forum with some good news.  I am glad the REIN engineer got to the bottom of the issue for you.