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DNS A record


Having recently transferred a domain name to BT I was advised (not by BT) that I needed to change the A tag.  I went into the Zone Configuraton area of the BT Domains Centre and changed it A tag with the * Key but think that I should not have changed this one (but rather should have added another one) but am not sure what the Value was before I changed it to reset it.  Emails to this domain name are now bouncing (Failed 5.4.0 (other or undefined network or routing status).  It seems very difficult to find someone in BT to talk to about this.



Hi there @dilys07 

If you go through the contact us section of the site

Click on Faults and Technical Help
Click on Website services (domains and hosting)

Click on Hosting General Enquiry

Then fill in the contact form this will send your email direct to the Domain team.


You will be able to ask for a reversal of any changes that were done,  please include:


The date of the change

The record changed

What this was changed to


There is not guarantee that we will be able to do this,  but we will try.


If that fails then what we can do is find out where you need that record pointed to and help you get that back to what it needs to be.







Have you got this sorted out ?, the DNS A Record is a host record so by entering the IP address of your  websever should resolve this issue.


A Records, is the IP Address of a host machine

CNAME, This adds the likes of www to to give you your not restricted to just using www you could using anything really but it will allways come at the start of the domain name, and these records should be pointing at the A Record if the server running the webserver

MX, is a record for when you are running your own email server the likes of exchange.


there are main other record types in DNS you can use depending on the type of server/services you run and I've only covered records that are forwarding records there is also the option of using reverse lookup records but I won't get in to that.