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Draytek vigor 2750vn does it just plug into the adsl plate?


We have fibre connected to the BT cabinet at the top of our street. Copper still connects us to the cabinet and fibre will not be coming down our street..

If I buy the Draytek vigor 2750vn with VDSL modem built in, do we still have to have the BT outreach modem or do we just connect to the normal adsl face plate with an RJ11 cable like we are doing with our Belkin adsl router-modem at present, to get the infinity speeds? Obviously once we are signed up for Infinity



In theory yes the Draytek has a built in VDSL modem so it replaces the BT Openreach Modem. BUT have a good look around the forums not just on here as I have just returned a 2750N to suppliers as the Modem will not connect to the Infinity VDSL tried it for a week and even Draytek support have had to send syslogs back to the Draytek Tech's at HQ in China!!!


These units seem to be a little hit and miss I hope to have a replacement her next week but if that one fails to connect then I will be sticking with my BT Openreach Modem and just buy a Cable Router problem sorted!!!




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Hi Terry

Please keep me posted about how you get on. I am also going to ask folk about replacing the two BT parts (router and vdsl modem) withthe Fritz! box 7390. Also does the adsl socket get replaced for vdsl if fibre is not coming to the house, only to the street cabinet?


Hi Beaver,

In regards to your question about the face plate. Yes the BT Openreach Engineer removes the ADSL faceplate and replaces it with a new VDSL faceplate. This is because of the wider bandwidth used for carrying the VDSL signal this  and the fact the DSLAM is in your street CAB and not the exchange is how you get the faster speeds.


With regards to the Fritz Box I think if you look around the various forums on the internet there is a lot of happy users. You will just need to configure the WAN port to connect to the BT Infinity via the built in VDSL Modem with PPPoE and use the username and password given to you by BT. But all the set-up info will be on line and I it should be pretty easy to set up.


Also as soon as have news regarding the 2750n I will post on here for you, should have replacement unit next week.