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Extending Wi-Fi Range

I have a BT Home Hub 2.0 and need to extends its wi-fi range. I've seen a couple of products on the market, does anyone have any recommendations? I'm a bit of a technophobe, so nothing horribly complicated, please.

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A lot depends on what you are trying to achieve, the distances involved and the thickness and construction of walls and floors.  If you take a look here (, this shows the principle of linking two routers with either an ethernet cable, or, more suitable for what you may want, two powerline adapters (sold by BT).  If you follow the general steps, this should also work for the 2wire as a master router and possibly a second 2wire (?) or other router as a slave.


This is far simpler than trying to extend just using WiFi.

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If the HomeHub you're referring to is the black one, then that comes with Wireless-N which has roughly 4x the distance of wireless G (e.g. wireless G is roughly 100m max, where as N is 400m max.. max being perfect conditions). Wireless G is the standard at the moment, so most laptops and wireless dongles etc will be wireless G. To make full use of wireless N you will need to purchase a wireless N adapter for your machine and you will get the extended range that the homehub provides.




I have a HomeHub3 (ordered in May 2011) which has wireless-N, however we are luck enough to live in a large house with thick walls, which stop the wireless signal from reaching many parts of the house - so maybe we're not so lucky!


We are using laptops/desktops that are set up to work with wireless-N technology.


What options are available for simply and cost effectively extending the range of the HomeHub3?


WDS is, as far as I can see, not an available option on the HomeHub3 - which prevents me from using a second router to share the connection..


All help and advice very greatfully recieved.



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I don´t know a lot about the home hub, but what I have done at home as my walls are thick too is to ethernet another router in another room which runs a separate network. I don´t know if this would suit your needs but may be a possible solution.