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FTP Server Time Error


I'm not directly responsible for the site, but I was hoping that someone may have some insight/answers to the problem.


We have a webcam that periodically uploads a picture to the BT servers. Originally the file date and time on the server was correct. About last October the time was advanced about 5 minutes, this caused slight confusion but wasn't a problem.

A couple of days ago the file data/time on the server was put back approx. 5 hours, eg upload a file at 08:00, the time shows as 03:00 on the server. This is causing far more confusion and we need to find a solution.

Running a PHP script on the web server shows that the web server time is OK.


So my questions are:

1. Is the BT FTP server time-synced separately from the web server?

2. Where do we report the problem?


TIA for any help,




Grand Master

hi SteveDevon,


I had the same problem with my site but as of this afternoon i no longer seam to have the problem,


Worth checking again BT Might have resolved the issue for everyone,


if not best place to report it would be through the 08456007020 and they will pass onto there Technical Team, to pick up


Anyway hope its sorted for you now



Hi pliumly,

Yes, it's OK here as well. I will make a note of the number in case of future problems.





Master User

this is what I did to restore FTP access:


Go to the configuration of the router.

Switch off NAT

Reboot Router - at this point you'll probably lose all web access

Switch in NAT

Reboot Router


I also disabled QOS at the same time.


After doing this FTP access magically came back. Perhaps BT altered a setting or two and it didn't get through the router properly.


Hope this helps.

Power User

Were you able to ping the FTP server during the outage? I think rebooting the router just did the trick. 


I always think it's risky to do it since config might be changed on start up specially the NAT.