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FTTP router settings

BT Business support have been unable to get port forwading working on Business Hub 5 or 6 on FTTP, so have offered to help pay for a third party router. I have a Draytek 2860, and if I set it up as PPPoE with the username and password I have been given it works briefly (but at less than 1Mb down and 30Mb up) then stops. I suspect I need more detailed settings but the phone support line only had access to the ADSL settings, which are of no use!


Any confirmation of the settings I need would be greatly appreciated. The router offers the following suggestions for the WAN port:


2 Static or Dynamic IP


4 IPv6

each of which has multiple parameters which I need to be able to set.



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Re: FTTP router settings


The router should be set to use the WAN port with PPPoE. However, make sure the incoming connection is set as BT (VDSL). Because that router is an ADSL or VDSL model, if it is not set to VDSL it will not connect to FTTP properly. The fact it is so slow would make me think that is your issue.


Other than the username and password for PPPoE, you shouldn't need any other settings. DNS can be left to be set automatically, although you could try using Cloudflare to see if that helps. and are their DNS servers.


I hope you get more help than I've ever got from these useless idiots. Do yourself a favour and switch to a decent ISP.

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