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So send and check email, get online, or send and receive files. There's no difference between working from home, working from the office, or working from a hotspot - You can do everything you'd normally do in the office.


Make sure you set up wi-fi now.


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I used to get access to WiFi using my account details then I moved and now my log on no longer works. Would you please advise why this has happened?

Grand Guru

Hi fluffymitten,


Your login for BT WiFi is linked to your business broadband connection/account, has your account changed in any way? 


When you moved was your account for the old address closed/ceased and a new account created for the new address?





hi am wantting to open a bt business line and they want £300 up frount is that right 



I switched from a bt dongle to bt business broadband Oct 2014 however I was still charged for the dongle for the next few months until I could get a refund. The extra benefits of the WiFi does not outwiegh how bad a company BT is to deal with. Also we had problems with the installation of the broadband


Agree with how bad they are, no customer service , un interested staff, needs a big shake up.