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HH5/6 Models A/B *REPLACMENT* for using multiple fixed IPs


Today my 4th HH5/6 setup has issues for my 5 fixed IPs on my BTbusiness account/contract thing.


My previous 3 HH5's were terribly unreliable, replacement after replacement, resets and reconfiguring again and again ... for slow broadband, losing IPs, and so on [read the many Posts others have done here on the Forums with the same experinces].


I was sent a HH6 and after a long process to getting that working, the line speed was remained awful .. then, in the end, some BT 'magic' fixed it... until it started rebooting every month with BTbusiness updates ...


Today the same issue IP/speed connections has returned [as per above].

I was told "... the HH6 has issues with using more than 3 fixed IPs it turns out, you may need the model B HH6".

Well ... do I have confidence in that after all these experiences ?...

After 18 months on this contract with BTbusiness it has been a litany of hidden faulty services and equipment.

Does anyone know of a 3rd Party Router that will truly work with the VDSL BTbusiness 5 fixed IPs service, please?
I have read the Forums but cannot find a reliable experience with a number of fixed IPs, plenty with 'a' fixed IP, but I need to use my 5.