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Helpful Hints Before you Post...

BT Partner
BT Partner

Hi all,


Here's a summary of the Terms & Conditions, with some extra information on the possible outcomes for breaching them:


1. No swearing. No dodgy content. No flaming. And please, absolutely no abuse.

We’ll remove any posts that ignore this. And, depending on the severity of what you’ve done, we’ll either warn you or ban you from the site.

2. No advertising.

Well, we may sometimes allow links to other sites but we’ll decide that case-by-case.  As a general rule, though: don’t advertise. If you do, we’ll remove your post and ban you from the site.  

3. No trolling.

No argument, we’ll delete your posts and ban you immediately.

4. Keep it on topic and relevant.

Please, don’t start warbling on about something that’s got nothing to do with what we’re talking about. If you do, we’ll have a word with you.  If you don’t listen to that word, we’ll remove your posts and ban you from the site.

5. Discuss, don’t argue.

It’s just being polite, isn’t it? We want these discussions to be useful, to help us all improve our businesses and live better lives. Bile and invective won’t help. Don’t do it unless you want us to have to have a word with you and maybe ban you from the site.  

6. If you want to make a point, only make it once.

Please don’t post the same thing on multiple threads, even if you’re making a really good, Pulitzer Prize-winning point.  When we spot it, we’ll give you a warning. If you don’t heed that warning, we’ll ban you from the site.    

7. If you have a problem then provide details, don't just rant.

It’s no good just shouting about how angry you are. Tell us the details so we can look into it and help you.

8. Use the proper escalation path.

Tell us about your problem through our normal channels. If you’re not satisfied with what we tell you, we’ve got a proper process for complaints.

9. If you need help to contact BT, just ask.

That's a part of what we Mods do.

10. Use the search facility.

Someone else may have already asked a similar question. The answer you’re after might already be sitting there waiting for you.