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How can I divert my calls?


Anyone know I can divert my calls using featureline?

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Re: How can I divert my calls?

To divert all your calls to an external number you will need to dial the following *21*9 followed by the telephone number you wish to divert your calls to. Then press #

To cancel the divert press #21#

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Re: How can I divert my calls?

I have tried to divert my phone - BT Converse 1300 - using *21*9 followed by the number i want to divert to and # but this did not work i just get a contineous beeping, i have also tried to use the BT Service within the phone but the same beeping happens.  Could anyone shed any light on this for me please?

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Re: How can I divert my calls?

As far as I am aware to use the call diversion feature this is an extra service from BT called * services.

I think you need to place an order to use this feature and they will charge you a couple of quidd a month for the privalige.

Oh and also be aware that you pay for each call that is diverted........

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Re: How can I divert my calls?



That is correct, the Call Divert feature is an additional service on the line. This costs £2.34 per month (exl. VAT), for more information on call features please look over the calling features page.


Once this service is on your can then enter a code on the line to divert all calls to a number, divert calls if the line is busy or a call isn't answered within 15 secs or switch it off. For step by step instructions on how to do this please see our help and support.


You can order this service through 0800 800 152, or you can fill out the online enquiry form.


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