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Hub 3. How many wireless connections?


I am having issues connecting wirelessly to our hub when there are lots of people in the building (up to 15). I have reported this to BT, but they say that there is no fault. My question is how many concurrent wireless connections can a BT Business Hub 3.0 support?

I know that technically it can support as many connections as IP addresses it can provide. Obviously the amount of internet bandwidth available to each connection is reduced the more connections there are, but that shouldn't stop the router accepting connections, which is what ours does.


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Someone else reported similar issue with the hub3 


How many Wifi devices can connect before issues occur?



fwiw, we had similar wifi connect issues almost every morning with an older 2wire 2700HGV (hub2) and a replacement, for the last few months. The number of devices had probably doubled to around 20 wired/wireless devices in that period.  To cut a long story short, we temporarily installed a non-BT wifi router a few weeks ago, and the problem has so far not returned.