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Hunt group voicemail access help

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We upgraded our system from ISDN to VOIP using HV.Select cloud portal and Yealink T48S handsets. In our old system when a parent called and left a voicemail, it was indicated with red LED on the handsets and when message button was pressed it read out message after another. The admin ladies were able to hear the voicemail regardless of the handset used.


with the new handsets and cloud based system, we added both handsets into a hunt group and now when someone leaves a message, the hunt group voicemail records the message However, neither of the handsets (red LED or indicator on screen) show/indicate that there is a voicemail left, when we dial voicemail (1571) it says there is no voicemail in the inbox (am guessing that is because we are accessing that particular handset voicemail box and not hunt group. When I login to the HV.Select portal I can see voicemail left and I can play on the system.


so my queries are:

1. How can we access the voicemail of the hunt group? so when ladies click on voicemail button it should play the voicemail from the hunt group.

2. how can we allow that all members in the hunt group gets an indicator (Red LED) and screen message to say there is a voicemail? regardless of the handset (so long as that handset is in the hunt group).


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