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IPv6 enabled, but not working


Setup. I have a BT Infinity Broadband account with 5 static IPv4 ips to a Draytek 2860 box. It's all working for IPv4 but I need it to work with IPv6 as well.


I tried the Draytek instructions, which is to use PPP for IPv6, and I do get an IPv6 connection, so it is enabled. I get a /128 link and an IPv6 gateway address. But I can't ping to it and checking through tells me it's not supported. 


There are zero instructions anywhere on the BT site about configuring IPv6, I've no idea which static IPv6 addresses have been allocated to me, and no way to find out. 


How can I find out how to configure IPv6? Link up with one of the BT IPv6 rollout team in a pub after work? That might be the only way to get through to someone who knows what they're doing.





with statistical IP4 should also work everything. Try dynamic IP6