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ISDN2 Lights out


We have 8 ISDN2 lines, two of the NTE8 boxes have no leds lit. I was prompted to look at this due to a cracking incoming line (which could be a PBX fault I suppose).

My reseller says line test no network fault found, if an engineer visits and a fault found to be our equipment we pay (which I understand)



1. can a ISDN2  be in working condition without a LED lit?

2. Does the engineer visit ensure ISDN working using their own test kit? (that is all I'm after, the PBX is ours to check)


I have had endless issues with the copper pairs back to the exchange for about fifteen years, pairs dropping and needing to be swapped at regular intervals. Most visits go the same way few days of multiple engineers trying to cobble together a fix which lasts for year or two if lucky. Obviously I intend to move to VOIP but am driven by corporate roll out and we don't have a date.