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Implement bookings via eshop - the product supports it, the help pages talk about it, let us use it


Folks, in my business I provide services for events, and I have a recording studio. I would like customers to be able to reserve dates for their events and book studio time for booking fee online. I'm sure other eshop customers would find the calendar/booking feature useful too.


The eshop package has an entire bookings / calendar feature and it is documented in the eshop help files online from your eshop admin page, but I have been told you "have no plans to implement it".


Can those of you who like me would find this feature useful please let BT know so they support it






Power User

Hi There,

Thanks for your suggestion.


Unfortunately this option is currently not available in the eShop configuration, however we are looking at whether we can include this in a future configuration.




There are currently no plans to implement this feature although it is still under consideration. The best way for it to rise higher up the development list is for other customers to vote for this change by clicking on the Kudos image on the left.


I just ordered an eShop specifically to take bookings.  Spent three days trying to set up the Appointments manager, only to be told when I eventually phoned Support that the Appointments Manager wasn't included in the package.  I had intended to use the shop primarily for booking spaces on my tours, and perhaps sell a few products to offset the price.  Many, many businesses would use this feature; beauticians, kennels, theatres,fitness coaches and walking tours like myself to name but a few.  BT must surely be missing a lot of opportunities for new business by not including this.