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Iphone4 BTconnect emails won't send through BT Business or BT Home Wifi


Iphone 4 WILL NOT send BTconnect emails through BT Business and BT home Infinity WIFI

I have always been able to receive on my iphone4.

I've never been able to send my BT emails through BT home or BT business wifi on my iphone4.

My husband can, he has everything the same but an iphone 3GS.My son can't with his iphone4S.

When we used to have SKY broadband my BT emails sent.I can also send on 3G. And I can send from the BT Wifi from my PC.




Part 2 - wouldn't all fit!

I have spent hours on the phone to O2 and BT. O2 say it must be a fault on my iphone4 (but then why doesn't my son's work either). BT say it's O2's problem (but then why did it work through SKY and also on 3G)

I have reset network settings on my iphone4, deleted and reinstalled the email accounts and RESTORED the iphone4 software.

I have logged on to my btconnect email account and reset my email password

I have read on the BT help settings about emails being upgraded to a new platform. I wonder if this is the reason I am having problems

I would really appreciate a solution if anyone has one


I just bought my iPhone 4 last week and just wondering what seems to be the problem with BT. I can't seem to send emails properly. It just can't. Is there a special option that you need to set up in order to make this work?

BT Partner
BT Partner

Hi mad62,


First off, and just so you know, you aren't tied to the size of the text box you see on the posting screen.  If you go further than it shows you'll get a scroll bar on the right.


Anyway, what server settings are you using on the iPhone?  In theory if you're using BT wireless then you should be able to send and receive without issue, but without knowing the settings it's impossible to say.


The fact that you've been able to log into the account means that isn't broken, which is something.