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Let others know when your question is correctly answered

BT Employee
BT Employee

Hello all, 


This feature which enables forum members to say if a post has been correctly answered, making it easier for anyone else with a similar issue to know that they have found the correct answer.  

If you ask a question and receive a correct response, as the author of the first post in the thread you can click on this icon to set it as the Accepted Solution:    


The following icon will then appear, showing all forum users that the problem has been solved: 



Also, the following icon will be added to your original post: 



When a forum member clicks on the above icon it will take them directly to the correct answer.    

 If, as the author of a question you see a better solution in the future simply click on 'Options' on the right-hand side of the post then click on 'Unmark as Accepted Solution'. You'll then be able to choose the better post as the Accepted Solution.  


If you end up solving your own question (!) you may also mark your own solution as Accepted. 


Note: Only the author of the post or a moderator can accept or revoke a solution. Moderators may mark a solution as Accepted for the benefit of other forum members. 


We hope you find this feature helpful.  

Happy posting, 



BT Business