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Mail IMAP issues Apple

Master User

I'm playing around with IMAP mail with Apple Mail. I'm doing some testing. Apple Mail for some reason makes it's own "Sent" folder on my server (my website via a webhost) called "Sent Messages." Sent emails from my phone go to the regular "Sent" folder though which is fine. But email sent from Mail on my Mac syncs to that "Sent Messages" folder.

Any ideas why Apple Mail makes it's own folder on the web email side? This is an issue because my Android phone using K-9 mail syncs with the "Sent" folder and doesn't see the other Mail created. Besides, I just want/need one "sent" folder.

Hopefully that makes sense.

EDIT: My tablet and phone DO see the "Sent messages folder" that Mail apparently made on the server. But I still like to have everything in one "Sent" folder.