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Manual credit card entry in eshop

Power User

Hi - can anyone tell me if I choose the manual credit card entry as a payment method how i actually get the payment to my account? This just look like it captures the credit card information, but then do I need to process the payment somehow? Would the paypal virtual terminal work, i.e I plug in the customers details in the virtual terminal?


any help would be great.  


Grand Master

Hi Milkbug,


The "Manual Payment" method is only good if you have some kind of offline payment processing method such as a PDQ Machine. I would recommend something like the Sage Pay option where your payments go directly into a bank account (if you take the merchant services option as well as the gateway.

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Thanks for that - I think in that case the Paypal terminal may work. I have been looking at the sage option - just need to understand it better and the do the forms - I understand I need a merchant account first.  


Hi Milkbug,


Just to give you some further insight, Sage Pay act as a gateway, delivering transactions between your ecommerce store and your Merchant Acquirer safely, securely and within a PCI Compliant environment.


Yes you are correct that to accept payments online, over the phone or via mail order with Sage Pay, you will need a merchant bank account.  Setting one up can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why Sage Pay has made the process much easier and has teamed up with the Bank of Scotland to provide merchant accounts at extremely competitive rates.


You can sign up to both Sage Pay and Bank of Scotland from one application form.  For more information on the Sage Pay offering have a look here.