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Moving from BT Business to BT Residential


Please can someone help.


18 months ago I transfered from BT Residential to BT Business as I was assured that I would get better upload speed. I live in a rural location with no Fibre as yet so are on standard broadband which can only be described as very slow.

My main grip was that on BT Residential I could only ever get about 448k connected upload giveing about 300k at best upload speed. After speaking to an Openreach guy working on my neigbours he advaised me that the 448k limit was not in place on the BT Business service so should get more like a 700-800k upload speed.

No I know most people at this point have died laughing but trust me this was a big deal so I moved to BT Business. The transfer was switch and easy but as you can guess ther was no gain and this remained the same for nearly a year when all of a sudden my upload speed did increase to the 700-800k.

Things have moved on a lot now and I use EE wireless broadband now and attain fantastic speeds so I decided that as my 18 month contract had come to an end I would go back to BT residential to take advantage of the cheaper BT Sport you get.

As a BT Business subscriber I have to pay £36.49 a month to get BT Sport on 1 TV with HD yet if I moved to BT Residential I could get the same for £22.49 £14 less.


So I enter the BT Residential sight select all the options and try to check out at which point I am tol that I have to call 0800 800 152 as I have a BT Business line. This I do and after a short conversation I am told that I really need to be speaking with BT Residential so I get transfered.

The nice lady sets about moving me but again she hits the same barrier so she speaks with her manager and then informs me that the only way I can come back to BT Residential is if I have a new BT phone number eek!!!


It seems that you can move from BT Residential to BT Business as this is OK but dont try and go back as it cant be done, she did say she could ask that the number gets re assigned to me but there is no gaurentee so as you can guess I have not done this.


Please can someone tell me why in this day and age you cant port a Business number this I thought would break all the requlations