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New cabling installation


Can anyone tell me what cable to install in my new premises, I will need three phones and two PC's connected to my BT router


I wnat to get the BT guys to do the connection from outside to the router but have some sparks doing the cabling now, I am told should install CAT5 cable but dont know if this is corect


The distances are not too great, less than 20M from router to furthest point


We should get high speed bradband at some stage but god know when, I am in a rural location so we dont have great line speeds at present



From the router depending on how many devices you want connected I would buy a switch to put inbetween the router and devices and then use Cat5e or Cat6 cable to your devices.


You elecrictians are correct in using Cat5 for cabling as it is easy and affordable its only when you have distances of 100m+ is when things get a bit more tricky.


We have office and workshop pc's connected to a rack of switches that all are connected to the main routers and firewalls. But we have around 35 people that have access to computers and cnc machines.