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No BT Business Broadband connection since Thursday 22/03/2018 0300 AM


Hi there


It seems I am not the only one and this happened to a friend of mine at the same time in a different town.


On 22/03/2018, when I woke up, I was notified by my server that it lost connection at about 3 in the morning. At 0900, I rang BT Business who said a restriction had been put on my line and that would be lifted within 24 hours.


At 1500, I rang again and an advisor said there was no restriction on my line and this wouldn't have prevented me from connecting to the broadband.


I raised a fault the very same day and an advisor said he would send an engineer to check my installation on Saturday morning. A "Qube" engineer turned up and checked everything and told me the fault was due to an Authentication problem or some problems at the exchange. So I rang BT Business again and they told me they were sending an engineer to check at the exchange. Saturday, by 1700, no connection, so another call to BT Business. They booked another engineer appointment for Tuesday 27/03, but with an Openreach engineer.


Tuesday 27/03. The openreach engineer did all the best he could and stayed 4 hours to investigate and try to fix the fault. Checked the wiring, socket, cabinet, tried his own hub 5 and no luck! He explained that the problem was an authentication issue or a problem with BT Wholesale.


Another call to BT Business, and the advisor was not aware of anything the Openreach engineer did or checked. I had to explain to him. The advisor told me that he was booking another engineer visit for the next day, Wednesday 28/03. I won't disclose the advisor's name but he also said that the engineer was like a "Level 2" engineer, able to do more than the previous one.


Third visit today, 28/03/18, and it didn't take long for a so called "Level 2" engineer. He plugged his machine in and said "everything's ok" and "it must be a fault from BT". I asked him if he knew about a "level 2" engineer or if he had more than the others, he replied: "No, we're all the same". He still changed the BT socket with a new OpenReach MK4 one... Impressive by size, but not impressive by the results, as I still don't get a broadband connection. So I rang BT business again today, and I have been given a 4th engineer visit tomorrow 29/03. A person from BT Business, whose name I won't disclose, asked me to ask the engineer to give her a ring while they're here as she knows what is going on.


I will see how this goes tomorrow.