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Noise on ISDN2e Versatility system


Hi all,

I wondered if you could help...

For the past 8 years we have been using a BT Versatility system connected to ISDN2e and last month it finally gave up the ghost.

We bought a refurbished one and had it installed by a telecoms engineer. Its been working fine until yesterday...we hear alot of deafening crackles on the line during calls.

Our telephone provider (Ayretel) said they could hear the crackles too, did an ISDN line test (which she said isnt all that accurate) and the line came back "clear".

She recommended we did a reset of the versatility system, which we did and it still hasn't cured the problem.

Can anyone else recommend a solution? I don't want to raise a line fault with BT Openreach if our provider is telling me the line is clear, and I don't want to incur a £225 call out fee. We are only a very small business.


many thanks in advance