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Office 365: 2 major issues


We were upgraded to office 365 today and now have 2 major issues that after 4 hours on the 'phone to BT support groups have got nowhere on - any help gratefully received.


1) We had a number of Outlook Rules set up on the old servers to forward emails from generic accounts to a number of real accounts. You used to manage these rules from Outlook Web Access. This feature is not available from the new Outlook web tool we are told (the help section says not vailable from the Outlook lite tool). Surely BT should have given businesses the full tool so important functionality is not lost (this loss of funtionality is not documented anywhere). How do we get access to modify these rules now?


2) We have a number of generic email accounts for customers to send emails to us (a domain we have hosted with BT). Individuals then send replies from their own accounts but we have the email address in Outlook set to the 'generic account' so they see a generic name and reply to that generic account not an individual. We are getting '550.5.7.1 client does not have permission to send as this sender' errors. We are told this is because the email address has to match the login address. This is a major issue for us (and i would have thought many others who have 'sales' or 'accounts' addresses). How do we resolve the problem?




Grand Guru

Hi Mike,


You can set up mail forwarding on the outlook web access, log in and have a look the option is definitely there.


The old way of aliasing bt used to use is no more, in the login box you have to put the exact email address you are sending from.  If this address was once an alias of a btconnect account then you may need to create another mail account in your client to handle it...aliases now have there own mailbox space, user names and passwords.


Thanks for your input.



Forwarding is there...but the rules engine that allowed you decide where the emails would go has gone...will try later, but not sure how you put in multiple email addresses into 'forward'.


On aliasing, i have seen other posts from BT employees saying that aliasing 'stays'  - so I'm just confused!!



Master User

Hi Mike,


1)  The rules section is not available on lite users, forwarding is.  If you would like to use rules for your email, there are two options:


  a)  Upgrade to a premium user £5 - £5.50 per user.


  b)  Setup message rules in an Outlook mail client.


2)  Aliasing is available, but the alias needs to be setup to a domain mailbox not a btconnect mailbox, i.e. can be aliased to


but cannot be aliased to