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Office 365 and SBS exchange 2003.


Hi, I was wondering if someone has had the same problem and can advise on a solution.


We got an email sometime ago from BT to suggest that our email would transfer over. Fair enough this was sent in error and the transfer never happened.


We now have a revised date of the 14th of this month. My question is this.


I was told by the "online" technical help that all I needed to do was change the pop & smtp settings on our exchange server and everything would work find, but I have also been told that office 365 & exchange 2003 aren't compatible!!!!!


We use a catch all to deliver to our server. I have a number of iPhones that access our server and internal machines.


Is SBS exchange 2003 compatible with office 365, and do I need to revise our catch all to individual mailboxes that can be accessed by outlook 2003 and iPhones!!!.