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One Plan Traditional & capped call tariff queries.


Recently signed up for this plan which includes most UK mobile calls capped at 20p + vat for up to an hour.

An excellent deal.

However my recent bill shows charges of 15p + vat for a ONE SECOND mobile call from my landline.

I've queried this with BT & they claim it's a small connection charge.

This isn't small.

A 'small connection charge' is mentioned in small print but I can't find any specifics.

This charge for one second is totally disproportionate to the the 20p capped up to an hour rate.

I've seen 7p ex.vat minimum rate tucked away on BT's site but again it's vague.

Can anyone point me in the right direction - where to find a simple, straightforward business tariff?

Perhaps I've missed it.  I've spent far too long scouring BT's site for info' & this shouldn't be necessary.

BT have some good packages. They don't need to be sly.

They should put the goods in the window with clear pricing & T&C's.