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Phone Line Fault


Dear Sirs,

PJ Harte decorating Contractors Ltd is  medium sized business employing over 100 people

our telephone line <telephone number removed by moderator> went down again yesterday leaving us without a fax machine

we rely heavily on this line, Bt informed us yesterday that they would fix this line to day 18th Janruary . today they informed  us that the line can not be sorted until Monday 24th January - this is unacceptable.


Please can someone intervene and sort this problem out for us - we can not divert this line .. can you let us know why this line is so problematical


Best Regards,

Elizabeth Harte        


Grand Guru

Hi Ms Harte,


I have checked with Business Line Faults and they have explained that an engineer has been requested and the first available appointment is on Monday the 24th of January. I am sorry there are no available engineers within your area before this time. They have confirmed that a manager has contacted you in regards to this issue and is currently dealing with your complaint. I am afraid the forum Moderators cannot do anything in addition to the manager you have raised the complaint with.


Kind Regards



BT Business Forum Moderator

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