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Phoneline installation problems


So far I have had two visits from Outreach who were unable to find a connection to my property (which is new). I then had a call from BT saying that a multi skilled engineer would visit the property to install the phone line and that I should be available from 1pm to 6pm today. I currently have no access to a landline or to the Internet, except for an intermittant connection to the Internet via a dongle. After waiting in all afternoon, I checked mybt and discovered that a note had been placed on there saying your appointment has been changed and that there is no need for an engineer to enter your property as all work will be done at the exchange. I have no phone socket within the property and Outreach were unable to find a phone line attached to the property.   Just how can there be 'no need to enter the property' when obviously a socket needs to be installed. I was not advised by text or email that the appointment had been changed. If this is an example of what I can expect in the way of service from BT once I have a phone line then my heart is sinking already.                      


Power User

Hi Abi,


If your property is new and the developer did not liaise with Openreach then it may not be connected to the network.  If that is the case then a survey will need to be carried out to see what is required to connect it.  This may not be a quick process!


From what you have mentioned it sounds as if you are stuck in the vast machine that is BT!



Grand Guru

Hi Abi,


HowsThat, is correct if there is not cable coming into the property a suryvey team will need to come out before any installation engineer, I would recommend contacting the Order management team to get them to chase it up for you.


is it a business or residential phone line you are trying to get installed?





You're not alone. We've been waiting 2 months on order number ZYR574SM and have had 4 pointless visits by BT Open Reach so far, none of which have resulted in a phone line.


Instead, BT/BT OpenReach seem to be in a complete state of disarray internally, with virtually no communication either with each other, or us, their customers.


If there was any real competition in the UK we would without question go with another supplier, but we're stuck with BT/OpenReach.

Grand Guru

Hi OneStop

I have spoken to a colleague in provision/sales to check on your order to see what is going on, she is getting in contact with the team dealing with your case to get them to contact you about all of this and advise on the next coarse of action needs to be done.


From what the notes state from the engineers, it is delayed because they are not able to get enough clearance to install the cable because of the overhead powerlines.



That's because many telephone companies and ISP's now use contractors to perform work. And generally, they will be paid (sometimes) to attend and leave an NIA (Not in attendance) card in your mailbox/under your door. This is proof that the telephone technician has visited your premises to complete the phone line installation. I'd say that would have been the case, or simply the contractor was too busy to complete your install.


Unfortunatley customers are out in these situations because it can be quite frustrating and time consuming waiting for these guys to come to your home and especially if you've taken time off all day to wait for their arrival. I know it's frustrating but dealing with these large businesses you should be well prepared to ensure you have as less internet and phone downtime as possible.