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Port Forwarding issue with Edimax IP CAM



I'm trying to view an Edimax IC-1510Wg camera from the external internet via my BT2700hgv business hub.

The camera is internally viewable on our network and has a static IP address of internally.


I've tried the PORT forwarding setup with port 80 for web hosting and port 4321 for TCP and UDP for Video and camera Admin.

The port forwarding seems to be setup as per the manuals.

The Hub manager gives me my external IP. But if I try to connect to this via port 80 I just time out and if I run an external Port checker the port is shown as closed.

In the event log I see that an external conection is attempted, port 80 is reconised as a pinhole, but destination is So i'm guessing this is where the problem lies.

Does anyone know why is a destination when the hub manager s clearly recognises the camera IP and allows applications to be forwarded to it? What is the significance of as a destination?


This is rather frustrating as I want to be able to remotely view our premises for security.

The camera does has a DHCP option so maybe I should try this.

Any thoughts, it seems like the hub is recognising the port as being forwarded, but sending it to rather than the camera IP???


Grand Guru

Hi there,

Never seen your post!  no one really uses this section, sorry I never seen it.

Best thing to do is set the camera for DHCP.  Go to settings > diagnostics > resets and clear the network list and reset the firewall, restart the hub and check settings > firewall > allow applications.  Refresh the page until your camera shows up, may take 10 mins or so, then apply your rules again.