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Problems Migrating from Business Broadband to Home Broadband


I tried to switch over from BT Business Broadband to BT Home Broadband about a month ago, the result of which so far has left me without any broadband at home since April 29th. I've lost track of all of the calls I have made, the countless hours I have wasted being passed from pillar to post and the string of broken promises I have received. However let me try to summarise just what I've been through so far...


I placed the order on April 21st to switch from BT Business broadband to BT Residential. Everything went through okay and I was told that the order would be activated on April 29th.


On April 29th my broadband stopped working. I phoned Bt to find out what was going on and was told the order had failed and that a new order had been placed. It would be resolved in 24/48hrs


By May 3rd my broadband was still not working, so again I rang BT. On this occassion I was told that the BT faults team were investigating a "TAG issue". It would be resolved by May 8th.


May 8th and guess what... my broadband was still not working. Again I phoned for an update and was told that they needed to cancel that order and put a new order in. So a new order was placed and I was told that it would be completed in a week.


May 15th and still no broadband. I was told the order had failed and that another new order was required. Because of what had happened so far my order would be expedited and completed within 24hrs.


May 16th and no prizes for guessing my broadband was still not working. For whatever reason that order, along with the previous ordered, had failed as well. The only way of progressing it was to apparently place another new order. This time it would be resolved in 48hrs.


May 18th. New update. Same as the old update. Order failed. New order placed, but the team were unable to give me a resolution date. I was told I would receive an update by May 20th.


May 20th and for the first time BT were true to their word: I was informed via an SMS message that the next 'update' will be May 25th (2000hrs). So I have to wait another five days just for an update, not even an activation!!


Please note: This is just a summary. In fact I have made 39 call to BT over the past month, in some cases having to call back after I had been cut off whilst being transferred between teams (or one chap who just seemed to hang up on my when I asked for a MAC code).


I honestly don't know what to do. I have contacted Sky to see if I can go with them instead, but they told me they could not do anything until this has been resolved by BT. So I am simply stuck in this position, being told this will be fixed but in reality nothing gets done. Thanks to the ineptitude of BT I have wasted so much of my own time trying to get this fixed, and I still don't have any broadband.


If any of you can help it would be greatly appreciated. I am running out of ideas and patience.





BT Versatility showing line one (analoge line) restricted in default program not allowed to dial outside you can get ring from outside

any body know why