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Re: BT Versatility BBM+ and V-IP Featurephones

Grand Guru

Hi RichW


This issue arises when the programming from a BT Versatility Broadband Module (BBM) is saved (backed up) and then loaded onto a Broadband Module Plus (BBM+).  This is because the software on a BBM differs from a BBM+ so if you load the saved configuration from a BBM onto a BBM+ you will only see 2 endpoints and there will be no option for ITP extensions or UM services on those 2 endpoints.  There will also be differences in the firewall configuration.


To get the BBM+ back to normal it will need to be reset to default which can be done through the programming interface under advanced configuration.


We have come across this issue before but it is not a reported difficulty and we have had no reports of the programming interface being difficult to work with.


Yes the screen options do vary slightly with some firmware versions but this is true of any such device as each firmware incorporates new features and functionalities so there are slight changes to the programming interface to implement these.


I hope this helps.


Kind Regards


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