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Re: Static IPs and Netgear routers

Power User

Hi Tom,


The only way I know to set up the 5 Static IP address that BT offer on a Netgear is to turn it into a No NAT router.


It does sound like the best option for you is to downgrade to a single static IP address. This can be done via the BT portal.


You can access this in the Your account section and manage services.


Once in manage sevices you should have an option for connection settings in Your Account settings. This will allow you do downgrade to a single static IP address. The change should go through straight away. All you will need t odo is to reboot the router to pick up the new IP address


Power User

I have tried setting it up to No NAT router, but it seems like it doesn't work either.




Reverting to a single static IP address and port forwarding (and using Port Tunnel which I really like because my router won't seemingly allow different incoming/outgoing ports) has got me back to a working system.  Remarkabbly the process was extremely painless.


Feel a bit pieved to have to pay for the privilage (as I still can't find anything helpful on the BT ordering site and it's taken hours and hours to sort out) but I guess I'll live with that


Now to deal with the rDNS!


Thanks again