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Removal of old BT sockets


Hi all


Just moved to an office where I am using one phone line into one socket. No plans for any more. There are six sockets currently in place, and I'd like to remove the obsolete ones so that I can redecorate. Is there an easy way to tell what is obsolete and what should be left in place? I'm fairly sure which one is my line and socket, but could the others be connected in any way? Are there any issues that I should be aware of before a take off five of the boxes and snip the cables?


Pic here:


Any help gratefully received.




BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi KenG


Hope you are well!


That image does not seem to be loading up for me. Essentially this one all depends on whether or not those sockets are extension sockets or master sockets. If they are master sockets then only Openreach would really deal with this - and you could get someone out via our sales team on 0800 800 152 for that. I think it is more likley it will be extension sockets through, in which case you can just get a local electrician to remove these.


Getting a local spark is also your best bet to determine what is obsolete and what is not - so in terns of investiagting that, that is the avenue I would go down. 🙂




It may be possible to disconnect them, however you need to make sure your current working socket is not fed from one of the sockets