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Residential to Business

Is it possible to migrate my BT Residential service to a BT Business service without involving BT Local Business?
As the team that look after the area that I’m in are less than able to manage the simple task of responding to email or telephone calls.

If it is not possible, then who within the BT organisation can you raise a complaint?
I have been waiting to transfer my service since July.
I’ve had it cancelled and have had to sit for many hours listening to hold music to get the request reopened. Only to go through the process of having it cancelled again and again.

I leave messages and emails with the Local Business Team and they don’t respond.
The BT Teams that I do manage to corospond to, through the on-line chat facility also say that they are waiting for response from the same team.

Is there any way that we can bypass these less than helpful people and get things moving?