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Resolving Host issues


Hi all. I'm new here and drowning! I have a couple of problems, which may be connected.


Setup is a small office network with about 20 lan sockets, 24 port switch and BT business hub. There are a couple of sub switches on peoples desks to provide more local ports where needed. 6 off BT VOIP phones.

Broadband speed test result in pretty good 70/20 speeds.


Problem 1 is that when browsing, using different PC's/laptops, and different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), we get randomly very lengthy "Resolving Host" (or the particular browser's equivalent), and regularly it times out, or doesn't load the complete page. That seems to point to DNS issues, but


Problem 2 is that the hub keeps on disappearing off the network for 10 seconds or so, and won't respond to ping during that time, nd then it is suddenly back. 


I've made tests with laptop conencted drect to the hub, and still get the random behaviour on both counts.

Anyone seen or resolved this before?

Is there any way to change the default primary/secondary DNS servers in the hub?


I tried setting up a Netgear D7000 in place of the hub, but the broadband wouldn't authenticate using the username/password as set in the BT hub. Would there be a valid reason for that e.g. another setting needed in the D7000?


Shall I stop asking questions now?