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Roxio problems


The Roxio software is not working properly. Whenever I start my computer I get a window that says "Please wait while Windows configures Roxio Media Manager"  Below that message is a note saying:  "Gathering required information."   The status bar goes half way but stops and never finishes. 


I can open other software, but the Roxio window keeps showing up repetedly.  I can not delete the Blackberry software and reinstall it because when I try to delete it I get a message that there is an installation "in process" that must be completed first.


Please help,  this is driving me nits!!!!



hi Wayned123,


One way would be to see if in the bottom right hand section of the XP screen, you see the icon with a PC and Blackberry on top, it will state it is the "Blackberry Device Manager" right click on the icon and click on properties, then uncheck the startup setting for start the BB Dm on system startup.


That should then stop it starting on boot up, then you should after the next reboot deinstall it then reinstall without the Roxio Media manager.


Or another suggestion is to download the desktop manager that is without the media manager which is a smaller download.


Hope this is of help




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