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So how can you get your business broadband fixed?

My infinity went down on Wednesday at 1609hrs, logged the fault online and then called to chase up at 1739 and some angry guy said it would take 48 until I heard anything.

Phoned up 3 times today, and everyone tells me the the last person I spoke to has it all wrong. The last guy said "well if you want a decent connection get a leased line from us!"

Basically, the line is down, and BT wholesale have 48 in which to test the line, and only then will they tell Openreach. Even though one operator said he'd tested the line and it's a line fault between the cabinet and our office. But, until wholesale does the test, in 2 days, nothing will be done.

I was also told not to register a broadband fault online. It tests the analogue line, and will give you a fault reference number, but if and analogue is good but DSL is down, your fault actually isn't registered at all.

What a total joke.

I'm actually moving offices this weekend, staying with BT, but maybe not as the engineer didn't turn up today. No explanation no nothing.

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So how can you get your business broadband fixed?


You don't, order a new line, and cancel the old one, especially if you move office to somewhere else. Faster and easier than dealing with incompetent BT services or engineers who never show up at the appointed times.



Change supplier and let BT come after you, see them in court it is the only way to show up their incompetence.


Had problems with our business broadband for 3 weeks, spoke to many people, calls lasting up to an hour, same result, BT test the line and say wait 72 hours. Still intermittent broadband. Finally had enough so arranged for an engineer to call 26th morning, did not turn up of course despite me organising my day around it. Appointment rearranged for 27th called BT twice to confirm engineer was coming, both time confirmed, last call at 5pm unbelievably arrogant basically told me i was being impatient as there was 1 hour to go in the BT working day. Obvious happened, no engineer turned up. Called 6.20 and BT control centre all gone home. Completely useless, I do not believe a word anyone from BT says they are all a bunch or arrogant self centred monopolistic liars. I suppose they will have some sort of standard reply to this post quoting terms and conditions. I pray for the end of our contract so we can get rid of all the BT lines and service including our home lines.


BT, You should be ashamed.

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I pray for the end of our contract so we can get rid of all the BT lines and service including our home lines.


Why don't you just cancel your contract, and stop payments to BT, BT has obviously not fulfilled its part of the contract. Then order a new telecom service with someone else.