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Some BT connect emails not arriving in my domain




I am posting this here as I am not sure where else to report this.


All my domain emails are sent in to my exchange server (my domain is via my ADSL. Everything has been working fine for years but for the past few months emails from some BTCONNECT.COM addresses have been not arriving. I have asked them to send to my personal yahoo account also which arrives instantly. The users have sent me the error reports. on Tue, 8 Nov 2011 17:08:49 -0000
    Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified.  Please retry
or contact your administrator.
    < #4.4.7 SMTP; 451 <>...
reply: read error from>


Looking at my exchange logs they appear to arrive to my server.


Microsoft engineers have been helping me and they say that there is no reason why they shouldn't arrive. 99.99% of my emails arrive perfectly... it appears to be a problem with BT routing emails to be through my provider... which is ZEN who say there is noting wrong there end.


If I can elevate this to an engineer to have a look at it please it would be great as we are deperately trying to solve this issue... if I have posted this in the wrong place then please point me in the right direction.


Many Thanks




Power User

This sounds like that your domain can be on the BT system as  web/mail. If so the BT mail server is taking priority on any mail being sent from btconnect email account to your exchange server. This could explain why you are not receiving any mail from btconnect accounts.


You can check this by going to and filling in the general enquiry form. The DNS can check for you and if it is on the system they can change it to web/relay for you.


No sorry, my domain is not on the BT network.. this is a mail routing issue I believe. My exchange server is my own and my ISP is Zen but I think there is some issues with mail from BT to my domain for some reason.




Any time I've seen these type of errors they've usually indicated some sort of spam filter or mail hurdle.  Has your host changed their systems recently?




Dave A


My  Phone email account Supplier is with Bt and have had issues for months

when i download send/recieve the box will say 14 and ony 8 will arrive ? or 7 and only 4 arrive


a number of Pc sharing sessions have been carried out by there technical team but they say everything is fine

we were with virgin for 5 years beore that and it was great!


I find BT SLOW very expensive and the customer care/ services are in some far of country who have little knowledge

to help with anything really and have trouble understanding what your problem because i think  poor understanding english

we had 2 emails accounts on the same Pc they have blocked one


so my question is where do the emalis g.?,,,and how do i fix it.......?