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Take a look at our Cloud-based VoIP phone systems

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BT IP Communications gives you everything a traditional phone system does – but it's hosted in the cloud. That means it's;


  • - easier to manage and change 
  • - less money spent on hardware and maintenance
  • - total flexible - take and manage calls from anywhere


Interested? see which system best suits your business needs - we've 3 to choose from.

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Re: Take a look at our Cloud-based VoIP phone systems



I have made the mistake of looking at this and have even placed an order, however when I try and contact my

BBG LB – Cloud Phone Specialist I am unable to get through to him as he is either on a course or not in and rarely responds to emails


If I try and view the progress of the order online that I e-signed on the 30 July nothing comes up


I have been promised by other members of the team that they will get back to me to give me an update on its progress all so far to no avail.


Tried again this morning only to end up being transferred to some Central Heating system company with no connection whatsoever with BT


Any suggestions greatly appreciated



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